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The Law of Least Effort: How it helps to drastically lower stress

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The Law of Least Effort

What happens when you do something you love? You do not have to put any effort into it; it just happens. Have you ever wondered what holds nature together? Nature's intelligence functions effortlessly, with carefreeness, the energy of love, and harmony. The same goes for the whole universe. French philosopher Guillaume Ferrero discovered the principles of less effort in 1894. Success comes when you harness the forces of harmony, love, and joy. You do less but accomplish more by following this approach. The law of least effort also happens to be the fourth spiritual law of success. You embrace the present and commit to the path of no resistance.

How to put the law of least efforts in action? How to apply the age-old Indian philosophy of the 'principle of economy of effort'? How does the materialization of an idea come about with no efforts? Follow the three things you need to see without looking and accomplish without doing:

Acceptance Puzzle Piece Complete Inner Peace


In its simplicity, acceptance is to accept everything, everyone, and every moment as it is. You don't struggle against the moment, you don't wish that this could've been better, and you accept the whole universe as it is. You have a firm belief that everything you're going through right now is the result of the moments you experienced in the past. Struggling against the moment is to fight against the whole universe. If you don't put forth any resistance, you have achieved acceptance, and you believe that this "right now" is complete and total. By being in denial, you miss the beauty of "right now," the beauty of that specific moment, and all the opportunities this moment presents. The law of least efforts requires you to let things fall into place rather than forcing your agenda on them.


Acceptance and responsibility go hand in hand. How can you accept a moment without taking full responsibility for it? Responsibility means blaming no one, not even yourself, for your situation.

If you have accepted the situation, the circumstance, the problem, as it is, responsibility allows you to have a creative solution to that issue or event. Every problem equals a new opportunity. By following these approaches mentioned in this article, you'll have full control of the moment and can transform it into something better.

Every failure, success, friend, and foe mean the same thing. It would help if you believed that this moment is perfect and is as it should be.

Effort and surrender in balance - Balanced balls on scale that symbolize harmony and equity between Effort and surrender that is good and beneficial


The law of least efforts requires you to surrender, to relinquish the need to convince others. Why is defenselessness important? Where does all of our energy go? We spend most of our energy trying to persuade others to agree with our point of view. Consider surrendering; you will save tons of energy and can redirect it into something better.

If you keep blaming others and choose not to surrender, you will encounter more resistance. The more you try to persuade others, the more resistance they'll give you, which means you will be wasting your valuable energy for nothing. You can only consider the present as a gift when you stop fighting and resisting.


If you surrender your ego or expectations, you have of others and become conscious of the fact that we are all different in our way, that the past is the past and can no longer be affected. You'll no longer cry over the proverbial spilled milk. Instead, you will transition from being a person who dwells on the negative to a positive person that focuses on finding solutions and, as a result, will relieve yourself of any unnecessary stress.