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Overcoming Modern Day Obstacles

Helping Hand
Overcoming Obstacles

There's no denying that all of us are living in difficult times. Whether or not you check the news, evidence of the world being on fire inevitably presents itself. As a result, all hopelessness and gloom that arises obviate all passion and motivation dormant inside of you. You start feeling as if you are merely a pawn in the hands of Fate, and all your actions will remain inconsequential in the long run. For some people, their feelings of despair go into the extremes, where they feel trapped in the suffocating loop of time. They are unable to do simple tasks or set a simple goal because the possibility of failure-via perceived personal incapability or situational hurdles-absolutely paralyzes them.

But what if I told you your hopelessness and despair can be busted? What if I told you your dreams are not only valid but also achievable? What if I told you that all that you hope for can become a reality right in front of your eyes? I am a man of my word and I promise only that which is possible, and trust me, I know your goals, hopes and dreams are possible. You are worth more than the sum total of your mistakes or what others tell you who you are. Do read on to discover the hidden treasure trove inside of you.

The Root Of The Problem

Have you ever wondered whether your problems and issues have suddenly exacerbated or did they already exist? Were there subtle undercurrents to your normal, routine existence or did your problems spike out of the blue? Moreover, could you have done something different to avoid the current spate of predicaments you find yourself in? These must be some of the common questions you might find yourself gradually surrounded by, and understandably so. It is basic human nature to heavily introspect one's lack of control should a situation go haywire, or not according to one's expectations. But are individual actions and behaviors solely responsible for your issues?

As much as you might feel trapped by the unknown fate of your situation, the way out of it can always be forged. As Frank Tyger famously put it-"Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you."

However, I know it is all easier said than done when it comes to self-transformation and healing. Not only does it take a great deal of determination, grit, and effort to become aware of and escape all negative thought patterns, but also an understanding of the nature of the problem. In fact, the latter is the most important part of self-actualization. Most people in need of help actually overlook the root cause of their problem.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental disorders are simply indicators of a much more deep-rooted malaise. Simply taking pills or using other methods to subdue the symptoms would do little to heal the wound. Tracking the very origins of the problem requires patience that few healers and practitioners have to dispense with. There are some persons who are able to discover their problems' source by themselves, with little to no outside help, but not everyone has the know-how to replicate their success. Eventually, persons who are unable to heal completely lose heart and give up on getting better all together. It is not that they want to, but the lack of visible results that makes them cynical. And really, who can blame them? With our extremely busy lives, taking the time to sit down and ponder on existential crises is a luxury few of us can afford. Add to that the rapidly changing socio-economic and political paradigms of our society, and you find yourself more confused than ever!

Why You Need A Mindset Coach

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New Mindset

Let's face it-life in the 21st century is crazy! With the availability of the internet, we get exposed to an ever-expanding array of possibilities. We try to emulate life we see on social media profiles, trying to become more and more like Instagram

influencers and phony Twitter intellectuals. While there's nothing wrong with striving to be a better person, we seldom consider comparisons between like parameters. This breeds unchecked and unbound negativity and before we realize, it already spills out of control.

Here's why I have compiled a list of readily reference-able checkpoints for you to take note of. Using the guide below, you can decide if your negative thought patterns have gone out of control and what is it you can do to prevent that.

Symptoms Of The Affliction:

- You find difficulty concentrating on your work for long periods of time.

- You have started finding a routine, everyday activities as burdensome chores, including partying and hanging out with friends.

- You have begun believing that your fate is sealed and nothing you do will eventually matter, in short, you believe you are merely running around in circles.

- You have begun being absent from school or your work more frequently than usual.

- You feel emotionally burnt out and generally dispassionate about the things you love, most of the time.

- Your dietary and sleep patterns have begun being erratic.

If you are going through any of the above-listed symptoms, then your need for help is dire. Fret not; I am here with the guide of my experiences to help you push the roadblock you must be currently facing.

The Cure:

I have compiled a list of workable first-aid remedies that you can consult to feel better for the short as well as the long term. Available in an e-book format at my website:, you can refer to it for quick relief.

However, I also conduct one-on-one consultations and public events frequently. Events like these help me get a chance to know you better in person and come up with novel, customizable remedies to help you out of your current mess. To book a consultation with me or to find out about upcoming events, do click on

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