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If you have a campaign, special event, or trade-show coming up and need someone to manage the marketing for your business, then look no further.


I have 13 years of progressive sales. I've worked with liquor and wine brands for the past 9 years.  I have experience in health food, auto, technology, gaming, and fitness space.  I have brand ambassador, management, promotion model and product specialist experience.  I have executed in-store wet/dry demos, auto shows, gorilla marketing, state fairs, travel tours, and conventions. 


I’m a natural born leader with extreme attention to detail. I’m friendly, outgoing, stout, highly energetic & extremely self-motivated. I thrive in fast-paced environments and I strive to be the best guy out in the field. I love being around people and like to put smiles on everyone face.  I’m a Marine Corps veteran with a team-first attitude; I do what’s needed to complete the team's objectives.  I do not like to be outworked, and often I’m number 1 in sales, or a close second (smile).

 I am withoutI’ve also had multiple companies pay for my travel accommodations to other
cities to do work for them because. However; I ama doubt committed to surpassing expectations.  Hire me and you will be happy you have done so!  My commitment to getting results is uncanny.

I am dedicated to your mission and will help you get the results you are looking to achieve. 

Son of Zorn - Comic Con

Son of Zorn - Comic Con

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Basil Hayden


Remy Martin


Absolute Vodka




Q Mixers
Iconic Protein




Robert Mondavi





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